This Is Changing Faces

What the hell is going on here you ask?!

We’re currently working sections of our new style site, INCLUDING this page.

The shows are still available to listen on the Radio Show page in the menu above as well as CFTV. Please visit back soon when we will have everything done! 

112 With Sam Turner - Special Guest: Scotty Boy

Oh man, this one's popping from the offfffffff!

111 With Warren Vino - Special Guest: SoulShape

Prepare yourselves for another round of deep deep house. Not just deep house you say? no no because there’ll be LOTS of deep house in this bad boy…

110 With A.M.B - Special Guest: Joshua Puerta

An episode that is guaranteed to get your various body parts moving…yeah we mean ALL of them.

109 With DJ Dan Singh - Special Guest: Emanuel Skinner

In a tricky period for DJ Dan Singh where he’s been battered by illness, he’s coming back stronger than ever and his music choices this week is clear reflection of that fighting spirit!

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