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100 With James Chang

One hundred episodes babeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy!!! It is actually quite mad to think that we’ve come to episode 100, because CF was so different when it started. […]

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098 With Dave Collins

After our previous Dave Collins episodes that contained stunning deep house cuts and thumping techno progressive sounds, we hear it one more time for the […]

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096 With James Chang

With preparations going on for the CF Live 2nd Birthday, our boss man James Chang is getting us all warmed up with 2 different styles […]

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094 With Dave Collins

Following some real mind bending mixes from Dave recently, we keep that coming with 2 more mixes that will definitely make you QUESTION things…all things… […]

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092 With James Chang

It’s that time of year where as described by James, it’s an odd period where none of us don’t really know what day it is. […]

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090 With Dave Collins

In a veeeeery busy period for us here at Changing Faces, our Dave Collins has come up with the goods once again and more, in […]

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088 With James Chang

On the back of some truly whirlwind mixes from the CF team and the guests, James Chang is back and starts the 88th edition of […]

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086 With Dave Collins

At Changing Faces we love doing different mixes each week. To keep changing the styles alllll the time to keep you fresh on your toes! […]

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084 With James Chang

In a busy period for the Changing Faces team, preparing for the months ahead and working on additional content, James Chang brings us some mix […]

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