This Is Changing Faces

118 With A.M.B - Special Guest: Jay Jay Revlon

Miss Amber is back again doing mixing and presenting?! I know right! She's been PROPER busy doing all sorts of guest mixing for other radio shows and charity events but yeah she's totally back to deliver some more dope content for us.

117 With DJ Dan Singh - Special Guest: D-Vox

He's been rattling everyone's ears with uplifting piano heavy house music and progressive numbers so far so WHAT will he come up with next?! DJ Dan Singh is back once again to cause trouble.

116 With Sam Turner - Special Guest: Kisch

Tell you what, our Sam Turner had a whopping massive episode previously with Ultra artist Scotty Boy, but this week Sam is back again to deliver more TOOOOOP music and is joined by another top guest.

115 With Warren Vino - Special Guest: Zetbee

Mr Vinoooooooo is back again to make you feel good, no matter how you're feeling right now. It's an episode packed with those groovy sounds and signature Warren Vino selections that will provide a nostalgic and pleasant experience to your EARS...

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