Changing Faces 034

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Dave Collins was back on the decks and mic for the 34th edition of Changing Faces this week. If you were to put jazz and house in a blender, you would get the exact tracks that are played in the first 20 minutes of the opening deep house mix that Dave put together. You can SENSE the jazz in it, much like the force for Jedi’s.

Then after the ‘Classic Track Of The Week’ selection, we have a very special tribute mix to the video game franchise WipEout. During the games’ existence, many artists during the 90’s and early 2000’s contributed music to the games and some may not even know WHO contributed to the game. Dave pick’s his favourites amongst a huge catalogue of artists and makes IT HAPPEN.

Deep House Mix:

DJ Aakmael – Jazz Piece 2, Brame & Hamo – Lamaj, Fouk – Kill Frenzy, Detroit Swindle – The Break Up, Leon Vynehall – Kiburu’s, Francis Inferno Orchestra – Dreamtime, Brame & Hamo – Trants, Lauer – Mascat Ring Down (Lee Douglas Remix), Mudd – Drop Lane, 6th Borough Project – Miss World (OOFT! Remix), Mano Le Tough – Primitive People (Tale Of Us Remix).

Classic Track Of The Week: Opus III – It’s A Fine Day.

WipEout Tribute Mix:

Sasha – Wipeout 3 Intro, The Chemical Brothers – Under The Influence, The Chemical Brothers – Chemical Beats, Mason – Exceeder, Deadmau5 – Some Chords, Dirtyloud – School Of Funk, Underworld – Kittens, Plump DJ’s – Black Jack, Noisia – Seven Stitches, Luke Slater – Bolt Up, Underworld – Pearls Girls (Remastered), The Prodigy – Firestarter, The Future Sound Of London – We Have Explosive.

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