066 With Dave Collins

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In a period of blistering summer weather, Dave Collins provides the summer vibes in our 66th edition of CFRS. The first mix could make you fall asleep! …not because it’s boring, because it’s so damn dreamy!

If you get into the zone with the progressive dreamy music of the first mix, you will be woken up by Dave’s classic track of the week which comes from Cosmic Gate.

Our latest spotlight special is pieces of meat, waiting for a butcher…we’re not describing it there, that’s literally the title of the song. Returning artist The Company Soundsystem is back to give us a little taste to his new EP, out now on 3Bridge Records.

If you’re regulars then you’ll probably KNOW what Dave finishes on…techno baby!

Progressive Mix:

Gai Barrone – Ripley, Gai Barrone – 1975, Barra Uno – Shaper 5, Revolutionary Blocks – SH101, Stereo Underground & Sealine – Flashes (Gai Barrone Remix), Forty Cats – Fluency Rate, David Forbes & Hal Stucker – Celeste (Gai Barrone Remix), Tannura – Live, Moderat – Invaluable Waste From The Outlying Districts, Pt. 4.

CTOTW: Cosmic Gate – Exploration Of Space (Radio Edit)

Spotlight Special: The Company Soundsystem – Pieces Of Meat, Waiting For A Butcher

Techno Mix:

Tim Penner – Lost Again (Subandrio Remix), Breger – Feeding A Dogma, Mateo! – Enterprise, Julian Jeweil – Funky Skull, Matador – Kingswing, Matador – Foxer, Coyu & Ramiro Lopez – Y.E.A.H (Mark Knight Remix), Ida Engberg – Devil Dance, Julian Jeweil – Mars, Spartaque – On Your Own, Yan Oxygen – Filontrop (Chicago Loop Remix).

Hey howdy hey: