082 With Dave Collins

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When we mean we like changing the styles in each episode, we mean it! This week Dave Collins pushes the boundaries of what we’ve done so far and his mixing experimentations have certainly paid off in these two spell binding mixes.

The first part of this telling tale starts us off in a deep atmospheric place with distant and vibrant sounds that gives it a sense of mystery and wonder. The mix swerves its way around deep house and deep techno and keeps those ears of yours well AROUSED…yeah.

When we come out of the first mix we are then plunged into some classic trance nostalgia for Dave’s classic track of the week, which comes from Solarstone and Scott Bond!

After the classic track of the week we get to hear something brand new from previous guest mixer and returning artist Bolam, who’s produced a track that gives a nod to the older rave culture sounds mixed with some delightful breaks.

In true fashion of Dave’s style of techno we then have our faces melted once again as he experiments with some hard techno sounds in a mix that gets you pumped…real pumped…pumped enough to solve the mysteries of the universe.

Deep House:

Deepchord – Ambrosia, nthng – Abyss, Answer Code Request – Feel Rework, Deepchord – Where Science Meets The Divine, Molecule – Abysses, Ben Buitendijk – Stingray, Trevino – Defektor Dub, Delta Funktionen – Nebula, Objekt – Needle And Thread, Chaos In The CBD – Green Dove.

CTOTW: Solarstone & Scott Bond – 3rd Earth (Radio Edit)

Spotlight Special: Bolam – Break Yo’Self

Hard Techno:

UMEK – Percussionix, Klanglos – Long Way Home, Ansome – Mans Head, Thomas Schumacher – Embody, Emmanuel Top – Acid Phase, Emmanuel Top – This Is Cocaine (Regal Remix), AIROD – Strange Mind, Kobosil – Emil, Vladimir Dubyshkin – Belissimo, Dax J – Reign Of Terror, Rebekah – Code Black (Slam Remix), Jon Hopkins – Collider (Karenn Remix), Charles Fenckler – Frozen Room.