095 With Warren Vino – Special Guest: Paul Linden

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It’s time for our Warren’s first episode of the year and we’re kicking it off with a house mix that’s got a lot of what Warren loves, SOUL BABYYYYYYYY…

Seriously though the mix has got a lot of tunes that perfectly sum up what our Warren Vino is all about. We hear a few of his favourites along with some fresh numbers throughout.

For the ultimate track of the week we hear a very special jazz number from Miles Davis. Yeah you read that right! We hear a trumpet jazzy solo in the middle of this show because, why not?

Then turning things round to a more faster tempo, as we hear a mix that will definitely get ALL of your toes tapping…yeah that’s right, all of them we said… from Toronto champ Paul Linden.

House Mix:

Blakey – Real Life (Sebb Junior Remix), Zetbee – The Town, Demuir – High. Alive. And Dirty, Demuir – Werq For Me, Matrix (US) – Get Out (Detroit Swindle Remix), Mattei & Omich – God Made Me Phunky, Romaric – Took My Love, Will Saul – Moorings, Marquis Hawkes – The Phoenix Part 2, The Checkup – Want Me, DJOKO – Tempers High.

UTOTW: Miles Davis – Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

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