109 With DJ Dan Singh – Special Guest: Emanuel Skinner

In a tricky period for DJ Dan Singh where he’s been battered by illness, he’s coming back stronger than ever and his music choices this week is clear reflection of that fighting spirit!

Our show kicks off with some pumping progressive house as Dan has been prog house grocery shopping recently and has picked out some organic material and some stuff from some top brands…you know, the usual grocery shop.

Following the result of music grocery shopping, we then get to hear whats HAPPENING down in Portsmouth, as we get to hear Joe Burger’s latest catchy tune, in Destination.

We round things off with a guest who has supported almost everyone in the industry and has been around the block and back again…it’s Emanuel Skinner y’aaaallllllllll

Progressive House Mix:

Kris O’Neal & Kolonie – Gilead, Tinlicker Feat. Run Rivers – Vanishing Point (Dan Singh’s Changing Faces Edit), Ryan Wallace (UK) – Close Your Eyes (Ewan Rill Remix), Greg Ignatovich, Alexandros Djkevingr & Giza DJs – Fusion (Melody Stranger Remix), Collective States – Hyperdrive, Nine One – Rainforest (Stan Kolev Remix), Paul Sawyer – Pandora, Stan Kolev – Redemption, Lake Avalon – Sunrise, BUDD – VAR, Tash, Paul Angelo & Don Argento – Exapsis (Alex O’Rion Remix), Mindo – Perfect Storm.

Spotlight Special: Joe Burger Feat. Ingrid Gjerde – Destination

Emanuel Skinner:

N-You-Up – Vibin’ (Saison Remix), Foo Funkers & Raul Osvaldini – Deep Feeling (Extended Mix), Zetbee – The Town, Psychotropic – Hypnosis (Yam Who? & Jaegerossa Remix), Mirko & Meex – Laidback, Lee Wilson – No Sleep (Mr V Sole Channel Instrumental), Reelsoul – The Sun Goes Down, Junkies & Solara – For Those Who Know Pt 2 (Richard Earnshaw Hypnotronic Remix), Reelsoul – Get Myself Together (Mr V Remix), Detroit Swindle – Vibrations, Lelanga Feat. Candace Bellamy – Memories (Larry Espinosa Remix), Roland Nights – Kasama, Demarzo – Paragon.

Hello mate: