117 With DJ Dan Singh – Special Guest: D-Vox

He’s been rattling everyone’s ears with uplifting piano heavy house music and progressive numbers so far so WHAT will he come up with next?! DJ Dan Singh is back once again to cause trouble.

Dan’s been cooking up some more mixing magic and we get to hear it unfold in a lovely progressive mix to please our minds.

More music discovery awaits us in the latest Spotlight Special, as we hear a really interesting techno/trance remix from N.O.B.A, which will get those genre purists really thinking about this one!

We finish things off with a guest mix and also a sing-a-long with DJ, producer AND vocalist, D-Vox.

Progressive Mix

Darin Epsilon Feat. Alice Rose – My Own Time (Miss Monique Remix), Sam Hopgood – Lobster (Michael A Remix), Orsen – Modulator, Port Manteau – Faded (Extended Mix), Tommy Wahl – Amore, Kamilo Sanclemente & Zalvador – Messier, Andorra – The Birth, Audiojack – Are We Here, Weekend Heroes – Eat My Apple (Remix), Ezequiel Arias & Artfaq – Duality, Samer Soltan – Infinite Space (Integral Bread Remix), Kostya Outta & Max Losev – Fantasy.

Spotlight Special: DJ Jordan – Natural Beauty (N.O.B.A Remix)


Bastian Valesco – Sultana, The Maze – Burned Fruitcake (D-Vox Live Vocal Edit), JP Lantieri – Pinot Grigio (Not Demure Remix) (D-Vox Live Vocal Edit), Anton Borin Feat. Chris Sterio – Generations (Matt Black Remix), Willscape – Take The Wheel (D-Vox Live Vocal Edit), Dr.B – Beyond The Earth (rAin Remix), RIGOONI Feat. Bruna Helena – We Get Used, Diego Poblets – Relaunch (Ziger Remix) (D-Vox Live Vocal Edit), Ian Dillon – Ava (D-Vox Live Vocal Edit), Paul Sawyer – Tyché.

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