122 With A.M.B – Special Guest: AmyElle

In another fresh episode of CFRS, our A.M.B is back in an all girls episode…

Yes A.M.B is now gaining a reputation here for her sing-a-long tech house mixes which feature some retro vocal samples that gets people saying things like: “Oh I know this…what’s the original?” and purists that will say things like: “Ah yes, the original is the herpa derp bloobidy blah from 19 something…”

Whichever one you are we’ve got more of these signature sounds coming to you in A.M.B’s mix boiiiii

When we get to the break we get to hear our latest Spotlight Special which is from THREE TIME returning artist duo, Static Shore! They are the regulars from Seattle! We hear their tune Delphi during the break.

After this we get to hear our latest guest mixer who also has previously featured for us. AmyElle has been busy grinding in the studio AND on the decks and has provided us with a pumping mix which includes her latest HOT single…

Minimal Tech House Mix:

DaZZla, Rufus Martin, & Tom Pool – Don’t Waste My Time (George Smeddles Remix), Murphy’s Law – Numero Uno, Two Slice – Groove Train, Richy Ahmed – Bad Boy (Enzo Siragusa Remix), Rone White & Rowen Clark – Earth, Alan Nieves – Wad4, Anthony Attalla & Dqwon – TT, Melanie Ribbe – Wild Life, Carloh – One Moment, Spega – Pushin’ (Sergio Sergi Remix), Split The Bill – Mojo, Vanucci & Martin Dittrich – Plein Air, James Solace – Lights (Jansons Remix)

Spotlight Special: Static Shore – Delphi


AmyElle – Down With Me, PAX – Crazy Things, Steve Lawler – Don’t Ask, Mendo – Shine A Light, Eli Brown – Burning, Dale Howard – Heavy, Mat.Joe – Gotta Get U, Riaz Shanani & C.O.Z – Shaman’s Chant, Danny Howard & Harry Romero – The Game, Eats Everything – Lickal Rolla, Todd Terry & Dred Stock, Doughlah – Stress It (Tee’s Freeze Mix), Movin’ – Pork & Fitch, Toriah – The Horns, DJ S.K.T – Wonderland, Mark Knight – Eighty Six, H.O.S.H, 1979 & Jalja – Midnight, Gorge – Be Yourself.

Gotta click em all: