124 With Sam Turner – Special Guest: Redux Saints

Big time techno flex from INCOMING from Sam Turner in this absolute smashing episode…

Yeah that’s right, our Sam is back with us and he’s done some big room techno sounds to really get us off our chairs (or back into them) as we’re lead on a super pumping journey that doesn’t stop.

Surely we have a break at our Spotlight Special right? Well kinda…the techno continues though as we hear a melodic techno number coming from duo Four Hands.

The pumping journey has a big climax as we welcome Jason, or you’ll know him as DTLA founder Redux Saints!

Dub Tech Mix:

UMEK & Kings Of Tomorrow – Predator (Finally Acapella), Luca Morris & Mozzy Rekorder – Gypsy Woman (La-Da-Dee), Spektre – Back Into Consciousness, Bastian Bux – Monad (Wex-10 Remix), Spektre & Juliet Fox – Black Heart, Yves Deruyter – Darkness, Spektre – Trial Of Tears, Pig & Dan – Perception, Coyu – Time To Wake Up, Coyu – I Am The Fire You Need, Thomas Hoffknecht – Code 1, T-78 & Dino Maggiorana – Hardcore, Frankyeffe – Hear Me, Victor Ruiz – Illusions, Christian Smith – Just Close Your Eyes

Spotlight Special: Four Hands – Reminisce

Redux Saints:

Redux Saints – Gonna Be Alright (Extended Mix), Gene Farris – So Dope, Rebuke – Koto, Popof – RTB, Kristone – Work It, Rene Amesz – Everybody, Juliet Sikora – Keep On Fire, Matthias Tanzmann – Crazy Circus (Paco Osuna Remix), Redux Saints & Shayne Fontaine – Carnival Soul, Redux Saints – STAY HOME!, Flash 89 – Continuum, DON’T BLINK – SOMETIMES (Extended Mix), John Summit – Forgotten One, ATFC – Ahh Umm (Harry Romero Remix) ACAY – The Real Me (Extended Mix)

Embrace them: