125 With DJ Dan Singh – Special Guest: Mindo

In another week of our Dan gracing the decks once again…(hehe that rhymes) anyway the chap is back again with some delightful progressive numbers in an overall uplifting and pumping episode.

DJ Dan Singh comes to us and it’s fair to say that he was ON the ball with this 1 hour mix. The 60 minute FILE is jam-packed with some of his tracks that he’s ‘feeling’ at the minute and it’s his way of showing his support to these excellent producers.

When we get to the break, we take the tempo down a little by hearing the piano heavy remix of Beholder by Fogg. Boogyman is on remixing duties in this latest release coming from Brique Rouge for our Spotlight Special.

Then we get back to the uplifting and progressive sounds…from our Dan? naaaaah we’re getting these sounds imported from Russia! With a guest mix from Eternal Beats artist, Mindo.

Progressive Mix

Lifelike & Kris Menace – Discopolis 2.0 (Meduza Extended Remix), Starkato – Sunspots (D-Nox & K.A.L.I.L Remix), Funkagenda & Paul Thomas – Underground (Fuenka Extended Remix), Beckers & D-Nox – Bitter Rain (Cid Inc. Remix), Magic Place – Miracle, D-Formation – Perge (Extended Mix), Fuenka – Evolution, Steve Parry – Don’t You Ever Stop, Two Sins – Shadows, Dylhen – Lucid, Paul Thomas & White-Akre – Vyote (Grum Extended Remix), Stan Kolev – Earthlings, Cirez D – Valborg, Philip Straub & Ian Carpenter – Eclipse

Spotlight Special – Fogg – Beholder (Boogyman Disco Remix)


Mindo Feat. Amaniel – Aire (Intro Version), Mindo – Rapa Nui, Mindo – Heavenly, Mindo – Stargazing, Mindo – Time, Mindo – Distant Lands, Mindo – Deep Water, Mindo – Highway, Mindo – Comet, Mindo – New Era, Mindo – Dreamwalker, Mindo – Soul Returned

Get’em boys (and girls):



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