135 With Warren Vino – Special Guest: Dunmore Brothers

It’s an episode paaaaacked with music that will make you describe it as funky, soulful, groovy, BESPOKE maybe…

Yep, after recent smooth mixes by Mr Vino himself, he’s back once again to deliver and his first mix holds that signature style that he always brings to the table…or party even.

Even though he missed the recent photoshoot (Video is available on our YouTube channel), he certainly makes up for it with this mix (Don’t worry though, we’ll do another video when we get him!).

At the middle of the show we get to hear the latest Spotlight Special and it’s real beauty from Eauxmar…there’s not much else to say other than that…it’s just a beauty of a track.

We then finish up with a special guest mix from the Dunmore Brothers, as they spin up some of their favourites.

Deep House Mix:

Frits Wentik – Everybody Knows, Mark Farina & Homero Espinosa – Different Rhythms, Chris Stussy – Be Real (Edmund Remix), The Checkup – I’m Burning, Studioheist – Directions, Saison & JT Donaldson – This Must Be Deep, Paula & Moonrocket – Reciprocity (Richard Earnshaw Remix), Blakey – Real Life (Sebb Junior Remix), Tiger Stripes – Rasmus Plays Marimba (Dirty Secretz Remix), Anil Aras – Mad Houz, Tommy Noir – Love house, Demuir – Nice & Dutty (How Yo Bawdy II)

Spotlight Special: Eauxmar – Opal

Dunmore Brothers:

Laolu – Many Faces, Cubicolor – No Dancers (Adam Port Remix), Michelle Cartello – Liquid Summer O Luv (Oscar P & Ivan Re-Touch), Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons – Vermillion (&Me Remix), Daniel Rateuke, Kadosh & Ivory – Endless, Mr V – Fire La Chocha (David Mayer Remix), Floyd Lavine – Masala (Pablo Fierro Remix), TB – Night Heat (Gerd Janson Remix), Kim Ann Foxman – It’s You That Drives Me Wild (Maya Jane Coles Remix), Joyce Muniz – Back In The Days, Mr V – Jus Dance (Claude Monet Remix), Oscar P – Dirty Talk (Norty Cotto Raunchy Remix), Nasser Baker – Say Something, Laroz Feat. Sheera – Under Your Skin

Spy on them: