136 With James Chang – Special Guest: AKKI

Boss man James Chang comes back to mix something delightful for us once again gaaaaang…

Aside from running the radio show, James has been busy finishing up some fresh new deep house music, which he is showcasing in this first mix which is pretty neat, as you lot get to hear his stuff for the first time!

After we hear the first part of the show, we’re then hearing what’s been sent to us for our Spotlight Special, and boyyyyy have you got to brace yourself for this one! Super energy from start to finish.

After the break…well the super ENERGETIC break…we hear from a returning artist! Because once a guest always a guest. NYC based AKKI comes to us with some fresh music for us to hear.

Deep House Mix

COEO – Sunkist, Flatt Matt – Solitude, Groove Armada – For You, Mathias Kaden – Ikenga (DeWalta’s Distance Remix), Mr. G – Precious Cargo (Mr. G’s Out Dub), Mr. V – The Revolution, Spiritchaser – Not Far, James Chang – Mahon, Rodriguez Jr. – 1PM Sunrise, Geddes & Mic Newman – Solaris (Anonym Mix), Hostom – B, James Chang – ID, Laszlo Dancehall – Tide Out, Mr. V – The Loving Memory

Spotlight Special: Aria Rostami – That Internet Mouse Face


Charles Mingus – Myself When I’m Real, Nils Frahm – All Armed, Tunnelvisions – Guava, Timba Feat. Kazuyo Shionoiri – Kino Todo, Panooc – Monoimi (Sean Cormac Remix), Pangaea – Like This, PEACE MAKER! Feat. Nostalgix – Don’t Really Care, Codes, Truth x Lies – Stand Clear, Jubilee – I Don’t Think So, Daedelus – Fettle (QRTR Remix), Prospa – Corrosion, Chris Lake & Lee Foss – Lies, Deception And Fantasy, Octo Octa – Move Your Body, Shygirl – Freak, Asquith – Let Me (Rave Mix), Body Ocean – Within Reach, Casmalia – Four Letter Word, Kutiman – Awake In The Rain, Inigo Vontier – Bo Ni Ke (Nicola Cruz Remix), Alkalino – All Lies In The Hands Of The People (Version 1), Pirate Copy – This Time, Mitch Dodge – Body Breaks, JYNX & Missy – My Wig, Bonobo & TEED – Heartbreak, OTHERLiiNE – Chimes (George FitzGerald x Lil Silva Remix), Jamie xx – All Under One Roof Raving

Take a peep if you will: