139 With Warren Vino – Special Guest: Pavzo

Before we start, how are you doing? We hope you’re well and keeping your spirits up…

Anyway let’s crack on with the show! Warren Vino is back in the house and he’s the provider of the 1st mix which gives us some of that dosage of his soulful sounds and groovy nature. He also mentioned that he enjoys reading these little posts per episode so he’s probably reading this right now. Hi Warren!

Lately we’ve really been blown away by our Spotlight Special submissions, how diverse and creative some of the sounds are, and we continue that fashion with a fabulous track from Jones Meadow!

Finishing off proceedings with a guest mixer who Warren knows well, as he’s been playing a few of his tracks already! We welcome Pavzo to CFRS ladies and gents!

Deep House Mix:

Kisk – Phunkadelic, Nikitich & Kuna Maze – ZBRA (Pablo Valentino Remix), Cassette For Kids – Run Hide, Local Options – Drive & Swing, Zito Mowa – Dilo S’tfong, Lay-Far – Embrace The Contradictions, Will Buck – I Think It’s Too Late, T.Markarkis – That Jazz Feeling, Pavzo – The Jazz Bar, Rawdio – Friends, Sweely – Around, Demuir – Big Mon Ting (Dub)

Spotlight Special: Jones Meadow – Confuse


Ky William – Make It Better, Pavzo – Azure, Gabriel Evoke – Justice, Jess Bays – Get High, BADEO – Atomic, Pavzo – Velocity, Den Haas – Whatever It Is (James Dexter & ANOTR Remix), Dubclap – High, George Mensah – Thief In The Night (Max Chapman Remix), Pavzo – Hypnosis, Luis Caballero – No, No, No (Acid Kids Remix), Ensall – Disllusioned

Don’t click them all at once:


@jonesmeadow_official (IG)

@pavzomusic (IG)