143 With Warren Vino – Special Guest: Oliver Baptiste

What a festive time to be partying and for DJs to be mixing! This episode perfectly incapsulates that…

So mr Warren Vino revisits us and in this seasonal edition of CFRS we play non stop Christmas songs… No honestly we couldn’t torture you like that. Mr Vino brings us something better, he brings us those smooth sounds that have enough kick and bass to get you feeling funky and to get you to bop your head tap your toes and alllllll that jazz.

There’s no real break at the middle of the show either, and that’s R1898’s fault because his latest submission for our Spotlight Special is thumping techno sound so if anything, this little break will be the encore!

Yep you guessed it, we don’t stop there as we head to NYC to hear the mixing sounds of DJ Oliver Baptiste. Known for bringing the party to wherever he goes, he brings the party to Changing Faces for one WHOLE hour…let’s say it our little Crimbo present.

Warren Vino:

VIGI – Between Us, Shezar, David Bailey, Jaybay – Get Your Body Down To The Floor (Crackazat Remix), Aki Bergen – Into My Soul (Spiritchaser Remix), The Journeymen – That Vibe, Local Options – Guided Methods, Random Soul – Undercurrent, Groove Assassin – Good Ol’ Lovin, Negrocan – Cada Vez (Grant Nelson Vocal Mix), Ethan White Feat. Lisa Shaw – Find A Way (Richard Earnshaw Remix), Litmus & Chris Stussy – Independent Woman, DJOKO – Bad To The Bone, Krewcial – His Name

Spotlight Special: R1898 – Lunar

Oliver Baptiste:

Lexlay – The Organist (Ruben Mandolini Remix), Yousef Feat. Moji – You Can’t Hide Nothing, Sirus Hood – Out Of The Box, Popof – Alcoolic (Emery Warman Remix), David Herrero – Don’t A Rush, Piem & Mark Vale – Givin’, Ocean Roulette – Understanding, ATFC & Mercer – Twisted (Illyus & Barrientos Remix), Anek – Housecosmos, Dazz & Calvo – No Scrubs (Hollaphonic Remix), Nhan Solo Feat. Rion S – Working, CASSIMM – Naive, Jay De Lys – Just A Feelin’, Ben A – ID Check, Dakar – Private Show

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