145 With DJ Dan Singh – Special Guest: Matt Black

Alright…let’s start 2021 with a smooth beginning, and to ensure that we have DJ Dan Singh at the helm for us.

Admittedly, we were all partying a little less as clubs, bars etc were mainly closed during the new year so it was quiet, BUT we most certainly kept the party going online! And that’s precisely what DJ Dan Singh has done in this 145th edition.

Dan, the promo performer, has more up his sleeve in his mix and gives a great showcase into what we sometimes get sent!

After the 1st mix we get entertained by heading to New Zealand to hear a remix of singer and songwriter, Kate Owens, with her latest single release ‘Lover’, the MAGIK J remix.

After the break we kick off our 2021 guest mixers by starting with Perfecto Records artist and Frisky Radio host, Matt Black!

DJ Dan Singh:

Gabriel Ananda – Participants (Lexer Remix), Not Demure – Bellabony, Yourr – Technicolor (Mala Ika Remix), Jordan Gill – Controversy, Francesco Pica – I Hear The Wind (Namatjira Remix), Hansgod – Vata River (Around Us Remix), Veljko Jovic – Soul Garden, Cannakid – Kambo (The Organism Remix), Audio Storm – Galadriel, Kyoto – Finding Estrella (Analog Jungs Remix), Lobor D – Ad Astra, Rowdy – Lucid Field (Symmetric & Future Of Matter Remix), Leghet – Deeper, Imar – Science

Spotlight Special: Kate Owen – Love (MAGIK J Remix)

Matt Black:

Zizis D – Deep Silence, La Vue – Humanity, Kennedy One – Calling You (Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada Remix), Micke Feat. Talia Rain – Hold On Me (Matt Black Remix), Ewan Rill – Attraction, East Cafe – Bring The Lights, Roger Martinez – 80s (GMJ & Matter Remix), Anma, Mango & Aves Volare – Colours (Luke Brancaccio & Colin Bennun Remix), Matt Black – Social Isolation, Matt Black & Chris Sterio Feat. Daniela Rhodes – Out Of The Dark (Sean McClellan Remix)

Snoop de doop:


@kate_owen_music (IG)