146 With A.M.B – Special Guest: Alex Kaddour

Going through a detoxing period for January? Not to worry as our A.M.B and our guest have got you covered!

Coming in with some sharp mixing and lively styles is our A.M.B who’s in the mix and gets us fired up for all of our delightful content that follows with her selections from her sparky playlist of A.M.B Selects.

At the middle we get to hear the latest sounds from returning Portuguese duo Nocturnal, as they showcase a theme that will have you thinking about the summer…don’t blame us for those thoughts! It’s totally their fault.

We follow up by getting political…with Politics Of Dancing Records artist, Alex Kaddour who mixes some new, some old, some cd, some vinyl, you know, a mix…


Ammo Avenue – Morena, Theo Poles – Say, Archie Hamilton – Resurrection, Ayala 042 – Music Play, Cupido – Ghetto Groover, Eddy M & Dennis Cruz – Goldigger, DJOKO – Step Han, Sorley – Face, Rossi – In Village, DJOKO – Holding Onto You, Jizz – She Likes To Dance, Ssero – Got Me Deep, Dr Gabbo & JAOV – Make U Mine, Chris Stussy & Toman – Mountain River, Hector Couto – Dimension

Spotlight Special: Nocturnal – Elysium

Alex Kaddour:

Fresh & Low – Wind On Water, Jersey Street – Disappear (Expression Dub), Chris Lum – Hurtin’ Me, Color Of Music – Make U Mine, Roach Motel – The Night, Alex Kaddour – Satori, Gonzalo A. Solimano – Learjet (Barem Remix), Gemini 27 – 71 Born, Alan Braxe & Fred Falke – Intro, DJ Ali – It’s Alright, Lou2 – Freaky (The Bar Heads Mix), Demarkus Feat. Lena Wade – Touch Me

Track them: