147 With Warren Vino – Special Guest: Tommy Noir

Now it’s Warren Vino’s turn to come back for some sweet hot sexy 2021 ACTION.

Yeah you read that right, our Warren is taking a little break from his production work and has got a mix for us to hear, immerse and MELT ourselves into, how neat is that.

Following on from his brilliant mixes that he did for us last year, our Mr Vino bring us his first mix of 2021 and since we’re aware Warren reads these on a regular occasion, we want to let you know that we look forward to hearing more! So get cracking mate (Warren we mean, not you).

At the break we hear the work of some more returning artists! This time we hear the collaborative work of Canadian artists Starkillers and Andrea Godin, with their slick new sound.

We then follow up with an artist that Warren has recently supported, being long time DJ and producer, Tommy Noir!

Warren Vino:

Sasha Anastasov – Ballon Way (Ross Couch Remix), Zito Mowa – Dilo S’tfong, Withus – Over Me (Random Soul Remix), Local Options – Vibe Check, Criss Korey – Come Together, Zetbee – I Can, Rawdio – Friends, DJ Moonbeam – Do It Like This, Frits Wentik – Filthiboi69, Matt Prehn & Marcus Zuercher – Skin Deep, Danny Goliger & Justin Jay – 31, Earth Boys – Sonoma

Spotlight Special: Starkillers & Andrea Godin – 801

Tommy Noir:

Tommy Noir – I Can Feel It, Fred Dekker – Dark To Light, Tommy Noir – Get Down, Tommy Noir – Just Love, Katermurr – Give You Myself, Tommy Noir – Going Back To The Rootz, Franck Roger Feat. Jovonn – Remember (Rocco Rodamaal Underground Mix), Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam (Lukas Remix), Tommy Noir – Check Yourself, Tommy Noir – Love House, Sean Bartana – My Love For You, Dutchican Soul, Karima Dai & Mr. V – Raise It Up (Micky More & Andy Tee Disco Mix), Tommy Noir – From Amsterdam To Miami, Tommy Noir – Bring That Beat Back, Saison – One Day (84Bit Remix)