149 With DJ Dan Singh – Special Guest: Andrea Giudice

As we draw closer to our 3rd birthday, our DJ Dan Singh bring us a little taste of what he WOULD’VE done for our birthday event.

It’s crazy to think that we’re becoming 3 soon, and it’s funny to reflect our birth on Shoreditch Radio alllllll the way back in 2018 by James Chang….Anyway skip 3 years forward and we have our Dan delivering the goods in our 149th edition just for your ears.

WHEN…we get to the break we hear our latest Spotlight Special track and it comes from a man of the people, a little slice of French love if you will, it’s everybody’s favourite: Folamour!

From French to Italian, as our final mix of the show comes from the Our House resident Andrea Giudice, who’s spinning some exclusive unreleased material for 60 minutes so too bad you can’t shazam them hahaha

DJ Dan Singh:

Dave Richards – Beautiful (Benwaa Remix), Austin Leeds – Inpasto (Paul Nolan Remix), Chiari – Midnight Express, Audionoble – Through The Night (Juan Pablo Torres Remix), QDream & Bondarev – Amathusia (Dmitry Molosh Remix), Stylo & Goom Gum – Teleport, Mohn – Whatever You Fancy (Rylan Taggart Remix), Gaston Ponte – Prolepsis, Ewan Rill – Traveler, Chiari – Logamuse

Spotlight Special: Franc Moody – Charge Me Up (Folamour Remix)

Andrea Giudice:

DJ Slugo – Curtis, iO (Mulen) – Reponce Profonde, MANESSY – Meraki, Andrea Giudice – Let’s Go, Cupido – Impetu, Andrea Giudice Feat. Durty Fresh – We Don’t Sleep, Mattia Scolaro – Everybody, Andrea Giudice – Twice, Andrea Giudice – Classy Chica, Litmus – Hygiene, Andrea Giudice Feat. Durty Fresh – Make Love, SYAP – Push It Push It, Andrea Giudice – Clear Blue, Ray Okpara – Jazzy Sticks, DiSKOP – Attraction

Hello cheeky: