151 With Warren Vino – Special Guest: Dissolut

Thinking about the summer? Well to be honest, Mr Vino won’t be helping your situation right now, so blame him.

Yeah you guessed it, our Warren Vino’s been at it again with those groovy, soulful, jazz infused, poolside ready, total summer tracks and has once again shoved them all into a mix to get you looking at holidays…if you can that is.

So whilst you’re blaming him for your summer thoughts, we get to hear some additional fresh sounds coming from BODÉ and Billy Vena as they present out latest Spotlight Special!

Okay so Warren isn’t entirely to blame for these summer thoughts, it’s also Dissolut’s fault too. They’ve gone and done a ruddy delightful mix to please your ears to further the desire to book a holiday…go and melt to it.

Warren Vino:

Cody Currie & Joel Holmes – Theme One, Sam Irl & Dusty – Broken Spell, Soul Groove (UK) – Afro Galactic Jazz, Moon Rocket & Paula – Reciprocity, Mark Hawkins & Timothy Blake – Flip A Coin, Mike Milrain – Any Night, Duskope – Feel Love, Fred Dekker – Weekend Warrior, Local Options – The Way You Get, Fred Dekker – Dark To Light, Munky Fike – Body

Spotlight Special: BODÉ Feat. Billy Vena – Wiz


Perky Wires – Feel The Future, Piem Feat. Laeila – Vem, NightFunk – Groove, Marco Strous – Diva, Prok & Fitch Feat. Kyozo – Tease, GW Harrison – Operator, Dissolut – Get Lonely, Dissolut – EAO, Tough Love – Understand, Biscits – Me & U, Mason Maynard & Green Velvet – Propane, Redux Saints – Ain’t Got Time, Gorgon City – Trapdoor, Tibasko – Only You

Enjoy please: