161 With DJ Dan Singh – Special Guest: Matan Caspi

Powerful thought provoking music coming to your ears for the next 120 minutes!

Yep, DJ Dan Singh is back with us to do a fresh progressive mix BUT he said he had to ‘tread carefully’ in his track selections so he didn’t use the same selections as our latest guest mixer. Following his real groovy disco house mix last month, Dan has been getting a new fresh batch of progressive sounds and so it’s a pleasure to be hearing the latest and greatest to open the show.

At the break we get to hear the luscious lounge sounds of Zoey Jones, who’s got a sweet and blissful track that’s perfect for those sunny soaked days in your dreamy holiday destination.

Then to round things up we bring you one of the biggest and best names in the progressive game, we welcome Israeli wonder, Matan Caspi! (Can we get a hell yeah?!)

DJ Dan Singh:

Lady Caro’Zart – Don’t Know (Paul Sawyer Remix), Tomba – Reckoning, Bioslave – Thermik (Hafsberg Mix), Paul Svenson – Front Of The Moonlight, Covayelle – Once In A Lifetime, Imar QUAKE – Blackbird, Noah Shah & Brian Laruso – Distance, Johnny P – Perspective, Imar – Arena, Kaito Arena – Kundalini (AxeLara Remix), Dan & Dan – Dark Mirror, Fractal Architect – Break Cover, Tinga – Madri (Hannes Weihager Remix), Bachir Saloum – Of Time & Space (Fabri Lopez Remix), Kim Sane – Brussels

Spotlight Special: Zoey Jones – Just Let Me

Matan Caspi:

Matias Chilano & Berni Turletti – Sarayu (Original Mix), Dimi Mechero – Moonrain (Original Mix), Cadillac Express & Evgeniy Nuzhnov – Sunshine (Original Mix), Berni Turletti & Greenage – Akasha (Original mix), Jaydee – Mokum Groove (Rick Pier O’Neil Remix), Matan Caspi – Blue Mamba (Original Mix), Teiko Yume – Mar Del Norte (Sebastian Hass Remix), Ruben Karpetian – Hathor (Matan Caspi Remix), Ashkan Dian – 963Hz (L E N K E Remix), Ezequiel Arias – Solar (Extended Mix), Out Of Mind – Voices (Original Mix)

Track them bebe: