162 With A.M.B – Special Guest: Bernardo Mota

Day or night…it don’t matter because the sounds you hear are perfect for whatever the time.

Coming off the fresh update done to A.M.B Selects, Amber’s back again to deliver a signature minimal tech house mix that’s got some real bassy numbers throughout that’s capable of getting people shuffling amongst other jigs.

In a weird transition this theme of music continues RIGHT into the Spotlight Special too! As this week we’re hearing the latest work of Kent based DJ and producer AllDis who’s sent over a track that’s got some of his signature touches within, and is perfect for people like A.M.B (We wouldn’t be surprised if we heard some AllDis tracks in her sets tbh).

We then finish off the show by heading to Lisbon, to hear the latest work from DVRST Collective artist Bernardo Mota, who’s done a lovely mix that’s got blends of house and disco throughout that gives off a positive spin to make us feel good.


Juliche Hernandez – Your Things, Riggz – Let Me Driv, Miguel Lobo – Basement, Mancini – Helluva, Jorge Mattos – Bluzes Iz, Neverdogs, Sebastian Ledher & Spencer Kennedy – Creamy, LAVY. – Outside, Gustaff – Headhache, Fernando Mesa – Vamoah, Perky Wires – Nice To Be, Zambiancki & Alex Dam – Faces, Chris Stussy & Litmus – Indepenent Woman, Gruuve – Nothing To Say, Junior Jack & Glory Feat. Jocelyn Brown – Hold Me Up (Riva Starr Tangerine Funk Extended Vocal Mix)

Spotlight Special: AllDis – Artist

Bernardo Mota:

Bernardo – Daylight, DJ Streaks – Fellas and Cuties, Parisian Soul – Just You and Me, Ssin – Just House, Pont Chartrain – Don’t Change It Up, Ricky Montanari – AJ (Lemin Mix), SHEE – Am I Just, LivingSwales – Night Cuisine, Wikett – Dance For Broadway, Tuesday Brunch – Not Gonna, Rita Lee – Chega Mais (Bernardo Mota Edit), Ralphi Rosario & Linda Clifford – Wanna Give It Up (Legos Dub), DJ Haus & DJ Boring – Los Apson, Rick Wade – Find a Way, Bernardo Mota – Excel

Check It:


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