170 With A.M.B – Special Guest: Per QX

We’ve got music in this show that’s perfect for the poolside AND the dance floor…like some sort of hybrid thing!

In this week’s show of CFRS, our A.M.B is back with us for some more Selects mixing malarkey. The first part of our show has got some sounds perfect for that poolside you’re thinking of right now, with some groovy head bopping content towards the end.

At the middle of the show we transport ourselves allllll the way to Rancagua Chile, and hear the latest work of Seymour and the Rancagua Beats Collective!

Finishing the show off in typical big styles (You know us), with a dance floor ready disco and house masterclass from Stockholm legend, Per QX. Brace yourselves with some big tunes to sing-a-long too!


The Willers Brothers – Smoked Salmon, Thurman – Fholsten Paradise (Artmann Remix), Jizz – Too Late, Juliche Hernandez – Burbuja Espacial, Juliche Hernandez – Into The Wood, Mateo Dufour – Across The River, Wlad, Oden & Fatzo – Moulin Rouge, Vanucci & Alex Dittrich – Plein Air, Mateo Dufour & Cosenza – Atlantic, Dani Pana – Fantasizing, Frankel & Harper – Dread (Seb Zito Remix), Aron Volta Hart & Neenan – My Mind, Fries & Bridges – Pipe Cleaners

Spotlight Special – Seymour Brote

Per QX:

David Penn feat. Sheylah Cuffy – Scream 4 Love (Mickey More & Andy Tee Remix), Per QX – Pool Party (Extended Mix), Mark Knight & Beverley Knight (feat. London Community Gospel Choir) – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Extended Mix), Per QX – Change Of Mind, Ape Rebellion – R U Ready, Incognito feat. Jocelyn Brown – Always There (Kid Massive Re Edit), Crossley  – More Of Your Love (Original Mix), Kydus – Somebody (Original Mix), Per QX – My Love Is What You Want, Mike Newman, Antoine Cortez – Many Times, Paul Parsons – Don’t Hold Back (Club Mix), Kings Of Tomorrow – Reach Out (K.O.Ts NYC Mix)