173 With DJ Dan Singh – Special Guest: Mindflash

In a tricky period where Dan has been swamped by promo’s it was about time he showcased some of them!

Yes our DJ Dan Singh can’t get enough of his promos and lately he’s been getting TONS and has been battling them to get them listened and so on, so we start our show with some highlights to what he’s been sent recently, and there’s some succulent progressive numbers in there!

At the middle of the show we keep the progressive theme going with a real beauty of a track coming from m4lw4re, who’s done a track that’s perfect for the summer and/or at sunset!

We then finish off with a chap who most people on Mixcloud will know…and those in Germany too. We managed to get the busy man known as Mindflash to come on the show and spin some tunes!

DJ Dan Singh:

MXV – Lea Valley, Forty Cats – Yarilo, Pointcloud – Primal (Two Thoughts Remix), Cannakid – Soliton (Kamilo Sanclemente Remix), Around Us – Casablanca, Misjin – Tjil Fjell, Diego Miranda – Quantum (Peter Makto Remix), Egbert & Secret Cinema – Vortex (Amata Remix), Blanka Barbara & Mango – Starwalk, Frezel – Resilience (Modest Crow Remix), Amanic – U Can’t Make Me Happy (Paul Hazendonk Instrumental Remix), Huminal – The Great Gonger, Mike Rish – Music

Spotlight Special: m4lw4re – This Ain’t 2007


Jus Tadi – Game Of Life (Original Mix), Fusion Groove Orchestra Feat. Steve Lucas – If Only I Could (Liem Remix), Eden Prince Feat. Akua – Love You Again (Extended Mix), Scott Diaz – Mistreated (Studioheist Remix), Mike Numan – Lose My Soul (Original Mix), Carlo – Humble Pie, Hotswing – Discoteq (Extended Mix), David Penn Feeat. Sheylah Cuffy – Scream 4 Love (Mickey More & Andy Tee Remix), Sllash & Doppe – Make It Better (Rene Amesz Extended Mix), Joeski – American Poem (Original Mix), GiddiBangBang, Elternhouse – I.D.E.D., Ronnie Spiteri – Soul Finder (Original Mix), Cari Lekebusch, Orion – Futhorc (Original Mix)

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@m4lw4re (IG)