177 With DJ Dan Singh – Special Guest: Will TRAMP!

Something fast then something slow? Yeah sure why not…

DJ Dan Singh really has been on fire lately, with doing his own episodes plus covering for our Amber, he’s been all over the place with his mixing and it’s fair to say those that send him promos have been very happy!

In this edition of CFRS our Dan has delivered a melodic house mix that takes a little step back from the heavy hitting progressive numbers we’ve been hearing lately.

At the break we take a big step out of melodic house noises and hear this truly unique one of a kind production from indietronica band Flowers 15 who have got this absolute beauty for you…yes you, to hear.

We then finish off the show with disco face melting bangers, all courtesy of Will TRAMP! who’s got a mix that will make you sing, dance and if not dance then shuffle in your seat. It’s basically a pleasant set to hear if it’s sunny you know?!

DJ Dan Singh:

Kris O’Neil Feat. Waves & Waves – Till You Tell Me, Last 2 Standing – All It Takes (Paul Honey & Steve Jones Remix), Tash X Mango – Lost (Kyotto Remix), Faucon – Fantome (Jochem Hamerling Remix), Waxman – Love The Way, Jose Maria Ramon, William Medagli & Thallulah – Poeme D’Amour (Tamer Fouda Remix), G Six – Paper Duck, Riigs & Skenna – Ambro, Esteban Ikasovic – Rock Rouse (Golan Zocher Remix), Callecat – Flight Of Fantasy, Space Motion & Kinky Sound – Shift, Taylan Karabult – Spectrum, Smoke G – Toxic

Spotlight Special: Flowers 15 – I Hate Instagram

Will TRAMP!:

Saitana – Love Fever, Clausel – Let Me Love You (Mr Scruff Edit), The Supremes – Can’t Hurry Love, Al Green – Everything’s Ok (Heavy Disco Edit), Gloria Ann Taylor – Love Is A Hurting Thing (Edit), The Destroyers – Electric Love, Superprince – Up Up To The Sky, Will Tramp – Post Pandemic Disco Weapon #001 (Fast Mix), Victor – Go On Do It (Morgan Geist Edit), Hade – It’s Not Right, Ciara – Like A Surgeon (B&S Remix), Auntie Flo – So In Love, Love Drop – Side A, Axel Boman – Abba 002, Denroy Morgan – I’d Do Anything For You, Hot Chocolate – I’d Just Love What You’re Doing To Me, Eddie Floyd – Bring It Home To Me, Barry White – Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love, Tyrone Davis – Baby Can I Change My Mind, Phil Collins – Groovy Kind Of Love

Those things:


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