185 With DJ Dan Singh – Special Guest: Jus Tadi

We all like things that are organic and fresh, so it’s a good job our Dan has got fresh music for you…

Yep, DJ Dan Singh is back in the house and he’s got a full stack of fresh progressive numbers in this week’s show that’s got it’s euphoric highs, busy breakdowns and all that jazz.

We then take a break from all the heavy beats and get to chill out to some new music coming from previous Spotlight Special artist Zoey Jones, who’s brought out another relaxing vocal heavy number perfect for your favourite beach bar or poolside place.

Finish off in the house once again, babehhh this time though we welcome Jus Tadi to the show who’s bring us some brilliant house selections to give an upbeat end to the show to have you finish with a nice and funky mood.

DJ Dan Singh:

Kenan Savrun & Sinan Arsan – Penumbra (Extended Mix), Senses Of Mind – Robo Euphoria, Shiha – Lucid Dream (3Kilo Remix), Derek West – Nebula (Chaum Remix), Jake Kaiser – Grebe, Qui Qui – Mumonkan, Ar-Men Da Viken Feat. Daniela Rhodes – Rendez Vous, Arandis & Ritter – Train Trip To Berlin, Alessio Serra – Talk In Space, Justrice – Unknown Event, JP Lantieri – Proximity (LORRAINE Remix)

Spotlight Special: Zoey Jones – Fantasy

Jus Tadi:

Sondrio – 3D, Knuckle G – International City, Apparel Wax – 002A2, JR From Dallas – Drop it, Cuthead – Presets Of Your Mind, Honeydripper – Sunday Street, Moff & Tarkin – Plastic Foil, Last Nubian & Donnie Moustaki – Buddha Bob, Intr0beats – Hands On, Handsome, Jazzyvibe – Shake Dat All Night Long, Sofa Talk – Balancing Acts, Wild Reflections – Wu Wear, Bootie Grove – Retro Kinjo.

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