189 With DJ Dan Singh – Special Guest: Dan Formless

Enough progression and uplifting noises to make you rethink your reality, all in 2 hours!

On this week’s show, DJ Dan Singh shows off his homework of hearing many many different promo’s that spans the different realms of progressive and melodic house and there’s plenty of dynamic tunes being heard in the first hour that make for the perfect first hour.

At the break we dip out of the progressive and melodic house and hear the creative work of Electrobatix who’s done a fabulous future bass production that is FREE over on his SoundCloud, what a legend!

We then finish off with some more reality questioning music and mixing courtesy of Hoxton FM and Saboteurs Sanctuary boss Dan Formless, who’s got exclusive productions packed in this mix which is NOT to miss (haha that rhymes).

DJ Dan Singh:

Haen & Mango – Mos Eisley, Steand – Feel It, Hrdvision – Expander (Chathura Remix), Space Motion – Adelante, Robilardo – Rapsodia, Gregory S – Alchemist, Kutmir – What Ya Gonna Do, Tom Relio – Peerless, Zrak – The Humans, LAR – Bright Way, Callecat – Cabin In The Woods (Ewan Rill Remix), Kebin Van Reekan – Forgiveness, Blotho & Studio Deep – Compass, Safinteam – Anxious

Spotlight Special: Electrobatix – I Won’t Go

Dan Formless:

Jay Anderson – Dreams, Litmus – Winehouse, Dan Formless – Tyre Kicker, Tripmastaz – Game Of Senses, HomePark – Rising Dub, Dan Formless – Fried All Day, Diego Krause – 04B1, Deego Fresh – Out Of The Shadows, Tileff & Dan Formless – Crash n Burn, Roger Gerressen – Half Trip, Sai – Another Myself, Shadowdrum – Liquid Enterprises

Those things:



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