197 With DJ Dan Singh – Special Guest: Mike Dem

New year and new content? You bet!

Well, 2021 was really something wasn’t it? We kick off the new year with some brand new content which is all mixed together courtesy of DJ Dan Singh who’s given us a fresh update on all things progressive, because all of those pesky progressive producers continue to dish out new tunes.

At the break we step into some brand new deep house with SAX, courtesy of Chris Wayfarer and Flo Drachenberg who have come together to make this deep soothing number.

We then finish off in Italia, by hearing the latest work from upcoming talent Mike Dem! Who not only has been seen performing at Tomorrowland, but has also thrown in some of his own productions that he’s been busy with lately, what a treat.

DJ Dan Singh:

Wally Lopez – Power To You (Paul Sawyer Remix), Tibor Dragan – Dream On, Gregory S – Points Of Departure, Can Yildizay – Innerstand, Veitha – Little Daisy (Findike Remix), Peter Matko & Justrice – Kapta Halt (Justrice’s Lakawi Mix), Kamilo Sanclemente – Honest (Axel Giova Remix), Ric Niels – Phetro, Lorianh & Storn – Dream On, Bill Hates – Significant Content (Olivo Remix), Rufus Du Sol – Until The Sun Needs To Rise (Javier Portilla & Richard Salazar 3AM Unofficial Remix), NAASA – Charisma

Spotlight Special: Chris Wayfarer Feat. Flo DrachenbergBlue Hour

Mike Dem:

00Zicky, Joy Kitikonti – Never Ending (Extended Mix), Oliver Koletzky, Walter Scalzone – Cryptozoology, Notre Dame – Emowe (Sasson (Fr) Remix), Balata, Achex – Zawya (Viel (It) Remix), DJ Chus, Sparrow & Barbossa – A Pila El Arro (Ft. Etelvina Maldonado), ASH – White Desert, Dada, Dashiki – Gianna Oh (Mike Dem Remix), Nhii & Elias Dore – Complex Bias, Analog Sol – Trinidad Machine, Mike Dem – Pluviophile, Mike Dem, Franchino – All ‘Improvviso.

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