199 With Warren Vino – Special Guest: appo.

Have you been thinking about the summer or winter sunny places? Well this won’t help…

Warren Vino has this week been rather UNHELPFUL to those that are thinking of such things because he’s gone and made a deep house mix that will have you thinking and hopefully not crying about the summer or winter sun. If you’re in a place getting those winter sun rays then turn it up!

At the middle section of our show, we get into fresh new music coming from Vasco aka Ocsav…yes that is his name backwards and he’s delivered a track some of you may have already heard on the dance floor, as Sundown On Canada has an incredibly catchy rhythm to it that makes it very distinct.

We then finish off in Brazil, somewhere Warren hopes to be soon! We hear the latest mixing work of upcoming Brazilian DJ and producer, appo!

Warren Vino:

Human Movement Feat. Eliot Porter – Run It By Me, Solid Gold Playaz – Do You Think, Tiptoes – Born Slippery, T.U.R.F – Whatcha Gonna Do, COEO – I Can Never Be Yours, Pray For More & MJ White – Brothers & Sisters (Dirty Secretz Remix), Alfred Diaz – We Need Some Raw, Mood II Swing Feat. John Ciafone – Do It Your Way, Nomar Boltier  – 25th Avenue, Soledrifter – I Said, Jay Ward – Can’t Stop, DJ MJ – Do They Know (DJ MJ VIP Remix)

Spotlight Special: Ocsav – Sundown On Granada


Coflo – Lux (Kaidi Tatham Remix) [Samples: Seven Grand Housing Authority – Jessica (The Disciples Of Jovan Blade Mix)], Rosie Gaines – Closer Than Close (Mentor Club Mix), Malin Genie – Pushin’ On, Anil Aras – You & I [Samples: Moodymann DJset at Rex Club – Paris 1995], Jon Cutler & E-Man – It’s Yours, Adnan Sharif – Faya, Stereo People – Stereo (Joshua’s Duotone Mix) [Samples: Antonio – Hyperfunk – Locked On and Full Swing – Freestyle Groove – Groove On], Lazare Hoche & S.A.M. – The GB [Samples: Da Rebels – House Nation Under A Groove – Ugly Music and Full Swing – Freestyle Groove – Groove On], Johnny Fiasco – Take 5, Matthias Meyer – Infinity [Samples: Sebbo – Elephanze Ce Danze – Souvenir], Capeesh Society – Silently Falling Apart [Samples: Diana Ross – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (Acapella) – Motown Records],  Four Tet – Our Bells [Samples: Sun Ra interview “Michelob Presents Night Music” 1989]

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