209 With DJ Dan Singh – Special Guest: Alex Preda

As the preparations continue for Ibiza and IMS, our DJ Dan Singh mixes for us once again!

Any of you heading to IMS Ibiza this year? Well if you do then you’ll be seeing some of us there including our very own DJ Dan Singh, who’s also been directing and curating this week’s episode where we hear some of his latest progressive promos…just without the feedback for each track!

When we get to the middle we hear our latest Spotlight Special and in this edition we all get entertained by returning artist Crazy Fluke, who’s been busy in the studio and gives us a taste to his latest production which is veeeery catchy.

We then finish things off with some unique mixing wizardry, courtesy of Bucharest DJ and producer, Alex Preda! who’s been releasing on places we like such as Bedrock, RUKUS and Parquet Recordings just to name a few of late, but now he’s whipped up a mix for us! How neat!

DJ Dan Singh:

The Wash – Thick Skin, Gorkiz & Mango – Ipanema Twilight (Dabeat & Juan Pablo Torrez Remix), Tokujoros – Deep Perco (Max Height Mix), Dowden – Deacon, Callecat – The Alchemist, Sasha & Franky Wah – It Gets Lonely Without You, Marava – Night, Ranj Kaler – Salvation (Ritchie Haydn’s Vocal Rework), Stan Kolev – It’s Just A Ride (Dub Mix), Golan Zocher & Choopie – Shades Of Love (Zalvador Remix), Kasper Koman – In Circles (Mike Greigo ‘Nitro’ Remix)

Spotlight Special: Crazy Fluke – Filthy, Nasty, Grimy, Dirty, People

Alex Preda:

Alex Preda  – Voyage To Self (Impulsive), Alex Preda – Away From It, Alex Preda – Don’t Move, Alex Preda – Before Sunrise, Alex Preda – Mind Program, Alex Preda – Searching, Alex Preda – Might Be Love ft. Katty Heath, Alex Preda – Be Free, Alex Preda – Might Be Love ft. Katty Heath (Lexer Remix), Alex Preda – Staying Here (Extended Mix), Alex Preda – Formations

They’re all hiding here: