215 With Warren Vino – Special Guest: Criss Korey

Is this not a trip back in time? Well yeah kind of, but it’s got a fresh twist!

What are we talking about? Well regular listeners will know that we’ve had an episode just like this a long time ago where we had Warren Vino doing us another delicious mix which then preceded this guest but this time round, they’ve all got fresh sounds and ideas!

At the middle bit of our show we hear the latest Spotlight Special and it comes in the form of a very catchy pop production coming from Sabrina Monique who’s more than a friend!

After that getting stuck in your head, we then get to hear from Italian DJ and producer Cristian Grancagnolo aka Criss Korey, who previously played for us back in 2020 but comes back to us with a fresh update to please our ears.

Warren Vino:

Mark Di Melo – A Gentleman’s Song (Forteba Remix), Francesco Zani – So Good (Moodymanc Dubba Dub Mix), ZRKT – Just Chill, Soledrifter – Think Clearly, Art Of Tones – Crazay Funk (Funk District Remix), Demuja – Brissy, Pavzo – The Jazz Bar, Intr0beatz – Hum Hum, Roy Vision – Nina’s Talk, Dip – Wonderwood, Chris Wood, Meat, Christian Burkhardt & BMW – Super Sync

Spotlight Special: Sabrina Monique – More Than A Friend

Criss Korey:

Criss Korey & Vannellli Bros – Back 2 U, Ross Couch – Jazz Session, Vincent Caira – Freaks, Dirty Secretz – Told You So,  Sebb Junior, Vertigini – You Don’t Have To Leave, HP Vince – Mary J Blige, Delistic X Divine – The Only One,  Alex Poet, Hannah Khemoh – Never Had Love (Extended Mix), Duskope, Criss Korey – Show Me Love, Qubiko, Enlery – Glory (Extended Mix), Dirty Secretz feat. Mr Eyez – Imma Freak Dis, Jacque La Maison – Listen To My Heart

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