221 With DJ Dan Singh – Special Guest: Jimmi Harvey

Progressive promos and large noises coming from an artist in a small country…

It’s been a busy few weeks for DJ Dan Singh as he continues his work for us and for Blast Radio. In this edition of CFRS he’s been swamped with more promos because you progressive producers out there keep making music! and keep making good stuff too! So he’s kept himself very busy indeed.

When we get to the break we get to hear our latest Spotlight Special which comes from Berlin based producer sweeep, who’s been busy making her LP known as ‘wake up before u die’ and we get to hear a short snippet of the mystical work!

Finishing things off in style as always! by heading over to Luxembourg to hear the latest work and mixing magic of Jimmi Harvey, who’s been producing and releasing on Toolroom lately but has just done an EP known as On & On which is worthy of checking out…along with his mix!

DJ Dan Singh:

Kamadev – Louvre (Aeron Aether Remix), Ric Niels & George Alhabel – Mentalism (Not Demure Mix), Reboq – Alone, Francesco Pico – Wanna Get High, Cheese & Cheese – Korta (Ewan Rill & K Loveski’s Mix), Josie Telch – On Soft Ground, Savrun Brothers – Thaw, Cyantist – Akrasia (Tensive Line Remix), Tommy Loude – Black Shores, Blotho & Studio Deep – Fabula, Autoflower – Sleepless, Ben Coda – Rainbow Dust

Spotlight Special: sweeep – crise

Jimmi Harvey:

Cup & String – Work It Out, David Penn – That Vibe, Jimmi Harvey Feat. Rion S – Give It Up, Addvibe Feat. Easton Davis – Brothers (Alaia & Gallo Remix), Dirtytwo – Auo (Moodena & Sartorial Remix), Father And Son – You Got It, Saison – Treat Me Right (Angelo Ferreri Remix), N-You-Up – Vibin’ (Saison Remix), Jimmi Harvey – Feeling alive, Robbie Rivera, Angelo Ferreri – All About Disco, Block & Crown – U Got The Body, David Penn – Nobody, Jimmi Harvey feat. Rion S – On And On

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