225 With DJ Dan Singh – Special Guest: Kirstin Keegan

After a period of surprise performances alongside James Chang at The Alchemist, DJ Dan Singh strikes again!

The amount of progressive and melodic house producers creating tracks is unstoppable, and with so much being released we’re glad our DJ Dan Singh is keeping on top of it and making sure we get the juicy highlights, as he’s come back to us again to give us another round of fine selections.

At the break we keep up those uplifting and progressive sounds by hearing from Melbourne based artist Holo as our Spotlight Special, by hearing a beautiful breaks production known as Supersonic.

We then get into our latest guest mixer, who’s previously had a show with Liquid Live Ibiza, Ibiza Club Radio and now plays for our friends radio show known as DoIt4Music Radio Show on Pure Ibiza Radio. We have Irish but Swiss based DJ and producer, Kirstin Keegan!

DJ Dan Singh:

Dofamine – Walk, Beckeringh – Sacrifices, Jakob de Wittig – Ganymede, Rauschaus – Kaiju (Michael A Remix), B Selekt – Together, Stereolynk – Moments With You, AMPISH – Ecuador, Ewan Rill – Vomeka, Tommy Loude – Glass On Skin, Kamilo Sanclemente – Dew (Weekend Heroes Remix), Robilardo – Galactik Road (Autoflower Remix), Umload – Deposition (While True Remix)

Spotlight Special: Holo – Supersonic

Kirstin Keegan:

Aesly – Fjordland, Born Dirty & Diplo – Samba Sujo (Blondish Remix), Ronnie Spiteri – Indian Rave Hand, Sean & Dee – New Dawn, Ronnie Spiteri – Breathe (wAFF Remix), Eli Brown – How Do I Belong, Hugle Ft. Cumbiafrica – Morenita (Matt Sassari Remix), Stan Kolev & Teklix – Mystic Secrets, X-Press 2 – AC/DC (Guy J Remix), Halo Varga – Future (Guy J Remix), Argy – Ketuvim, Kawtar Sadik, Mr. ID & Ankhoi – Waidalal

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