229 With DJ Dan Singh – Special Guest: Yamagucci

Making you progress in a progressive manor, in a marathon of progressiveness…

Yes it’s a super theme in this week’s show as we welcome back DJ Dan Singh who’s steering the ship in this episode and it’s nothing but full on progressive, euphoria and uplifting sounds from start to finish, so of course Dan gets us warmed up for the first hour.

At the middle we head over to California to hear the big hit from Brogan Bentley as this week’s Spotlight Special, which is essentially a pure shot of Ecstacy, a must listen!

We then finish off by heading over to Tel Aviv to check in with Israeli / Japanese artist Yamagucci, who’s recently been hitting it off with Maccabi House and has also recently put out a release on Diynamic!

DJ Dan Singh:

Fractal Architect Feat. Daniela Rhodes – What Lies Beneath The Truth, While True – Nomad, Myth Helia – The Well, Audioglider – Oxygeneration (Facundo Barras Remix), Nikko Z – Anatole (Haen Remix), Light Below & Jope – Fearless, D-Phrag & Valentin Mavro – Correlation (André Moret Mix), Gregor Klamra – Polaris, Bjoern Few – Beyond Something (Starkato Mix), Jackarta – Zebra (Bexxie Remix), Alex Kogan – Afterlife

Spotlight Special: Brogan Bentley – Ecstacy


Gene Farris, Oliver Dollar – Sampling, Saraga – Love And Happiness, Joeski – Pasteles, Todd Terry, House Of Gypsies – Samba (Gettoblaster Remix), Yamagucci – Pandemica, Yamagucci, Omri – Track ID, Yamagucci, Millero – Follow The Hihat, Yamagucci – Loco, Monblaire – Burning (Yamagucci Remix), Yamagucci – Make Revolution, Adam Ten, Yamagucci – Contra Bass, Yamagucci – Relex Omer, Adam Ten – 15 Days, Tom De Neef & Lazarusman – Agenda (Bontan Remix), Avidus – Her Step Out Of The Dark, Maximiljan, Bessie Jones – Sink ‘Em Low, NYMA – XY

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@yamagucci_music (IG)