009 With Guest: X:VI

This week we have our second guest mixer on the show for Changing Faces Collections!
Introducing X:VI with his collection of deep and Rominimal sounds, his style is a collection of groovy, hypnotizing music with vibrant melodies and abducting beats that connect with the only reality that exists, the present.
This one is a fantastic warmup sound so be sure to check it out!

Styles: Rominimal / Minimal & Deep-House / Techno & Afro-Tech-House


ID – Unreleased
Facetime – Robbie Doherty
Am I conscious – Toman
Cold Sweat – Cessy
Sussex – Reelow
Let’s Get This – Sally C
No more – Eddy M
LOL – Marco Strous
Suite – Joe Vanditti, Michel Talle
Toma Dale – Classmatic
Kleben – The Willers Brothers
Moves Those Feet (Dexter Kane Remix) – Mihai Popoviciu
Morning Routine – High Soundsystem
Sabelo – Toman
Only If Ur Happy – Sweely

Socials for the episode:

DJ Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/off_xite
Instagram: www.instagram.com/castaxs
Facebook: www.facebook.com/xvi.offxite

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChangingFacesRS
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