Dave Collins


Tech Lead of Changing Faces, DJ and previous presenter.

Dave Collins is the glue between our content and our technological capabilities. Dave is the master of CF Live and CFTV, making it possible for users and our audience to check out our latest CFTV content week by week and is the orchestrator in making our CF Live events work.

Originally under the alias of trance DJ ION, Dave became known to the online and trance community by becoming a regular resident for trance.fm and afterhours.fm, experimenting with different styles that touched on hard trance, psy trance and industrial before dabbling in techno.

From there Dave got involved with Changing Faces by becoming the first ever guest on the show back in 2018. His mix was fresh and scintillating which led him to become a CF resident with DJ Dan Singh and Warren Vino.

For all of 2019 and the early stages of 2020, Dave Collins was showcasing the show specialising in his techno, deep house and progressive styles and had a knack for showcasing upcoming talent in these genres.

Nowadays our Dave focuses his efforts on all things tech for us…including this website! along with our CFRS and CFTV services to make sure you have multiple access.